Welcome to Inland NSW!

    Inland NSW Tourism is the regional tourism organisation (RTO) covering more than 25% of NSW, with a population base of more than 500,000 people, representing 27.5% of all tourism operators and destinations in NSW, and 34% of the Local Government Areas in NSW.

    Created from the amalgamation of the former New England North West Tourism, Outback Tourism, seven Councils from the Central Tourism region and Capital Country Tourism, we represent Local Government Areas, tourism associations and individual operators.

    We provide our members with professional development tools, research, advice and support to help us collectively achieve our goal of doubling overnight tourism expenditure by 2020.

    The organisation was formed for the betterment of the local tourism community and provides improved access to funding and a stronger voice for the inland areas of NSW.

    Inland’s philosophy is:

    • To grow visitation by “taking an outside looking in consumer perspective”.
    • Founded on insights identified in our customised consumer research program.
    • Inland is not a consumer brand itself – but inspires consumers to visit the unique destinations and experience throughout our region.
    • Championing “the unique story” for each destination (hub), destination cluster (spoke) and experience (story line) and niches across Inland.


    So, if you are an accommodation establishment, restaurant, tour operator, tourism association, local government or any other organisation that benefits from increased visitation and expenditure to Inland NSW, we encourage you to get involved and become a member.


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      Marketing Plan Wow, thanks to everyone who answered our 2 quick questions to help shape our up and coming product the evidence-based Tourism Marketing Plan Blueprint™.   What an amazing result.  We had nearly 200 'top questions' from you.

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      Does your brand connect with your potential customer at each stage of the Traveller Path to Purchase?Travel Research

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      Last week I came across an article that reported how Google had had virtually made organic search results irrelevant on mobile. This of course threw me into a bit of a spin. Did it mean that we all had to pay to be shown on Google these days? It is what we all fear, deep down. However, there was a mention at the end of this article that it was an experiment and that we were not sure if this was going to be the status quo forever.

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      Family Dining Al FrescoDid you know that shopping and eating at restaurants / cafés are consistently rated in the top 3 activities that people partake in during a holiday or vacation?  We often think travel is all about attractions, museums and tours, however, Destination NSW tells us that the top 3 activities undertaken by domestic visitors to Sydney are:

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      I have just completed a round road-trip if from Sydney to Melbourne back to Sydney over the Christmas Holiday period.  It made me realise that many travel and tourism operators are still NOT mobile optimised.  I also noticed this in the USA a few months ago.  It drives me crazy.

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      Successful businesswoman checking in a hotel and smiling You know those hot trends you were going to action in 2015…it’s time to action them in 2016. Seriously! There are no hot trends for 2016 that are more important than the ones in 2015. So, this is the 2016 trend blog piece based on last year’s trends.

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